Stop the Coup protest in London [Source]

The Genius of Corbyn’s Brexit Strategy

How Jeremy Corbyn has played a blinder on Brexit

There is little doubt that the following two months are set to be the most defining period in British politics for many generations. Captain Boris and his band of merry marauders are steering HMS Britannia with delighted glee headfirst into a catastrophic collision with the iceberg of No Deal Brexit despite having no clear support from the public. And ever since MP Phillip Lee’s defection to the Liberal Democrats, the subsequent deselection of 21 Tory MPs who voted to against Johnson in favour of parliament taking over the Brexit agenda, and then further resignations from the Tory Cabinet, he also has no majority in parliament.

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at a rally in Glasgow on August 31st [Source]
Boris Johnson’s first PMQs
Financier Crispin Odey, who made over £200 million by shorting the pound [Source]

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