Very clever — by saying you’re not doing x, you can deflect from the fact that you do it. And that’s poignant as well given that that’s precisely what your guru JP does. You can claim all you want that he’s not a reactionary hack, but in my experience, if it whinnies and neighs and runs on four legs, it’s probably a horse.

I totally understand why someone like him has gained so much ground recently — there’s not only a serious dearth of intellectualism all over the place, but there’s also a reason why any remotely self-help oriented material does really well. The two things also go hand in hand to an extent. There’a a generation of men who feel left behind by identity politics, and will rally under anyone who builds a career on railing against SJWs with religious zeal while either refusing to acknowledge the insidious underlying politics behind it or fully embracing it. If while doing that he can also set you on your own heroic path of self-fulfilment, that’s two birds with one stone, isn’t it? And honestly, if you’ve found a way to gain meaning in your life from reading that tedious tome of nonsense, then power to you my friend.

I have read the book by the way, and not only is it very poorly written, but the lack of any coherent scientific method to underpin its wildly unsubstantiated claims really shines through. The way it validates its worldviews by finding examples of natural hierarchies to justify social inequalities is not only fallacious, but inherently anti-progress and dangerous. It’s exactly this process of justifying systems of social injustice (which are contingent to human control) with evolutionary biological hierarchies (which are outside of our control) that is the basis of social darwinism, and fascist ideology throughout history. For someone who is so quick to dismiss any leftist politics with the crimes of the USSR, the Jeep sure doesn’t like to admit this little fact. It’s not a coincidence that so many in the alt-right also fawningly worship him.

I haven’t met a single woman who claims that women should be forced to wear makeup in the workplace. Women do that because of social pressures and norms more than anything else. But to try to claim that sexual harassment happens because woman signal sexually through wearing makeup is is pernicious because it takes away agency from men who are most often the perpetrators. As if when presented with certain stimuli we as men cannot control ourselves. As a man do you really not see yourself as anything more than a series of instinctive impulses bundled up in flesh and bones? None of the options you suggested for the hypothetical involved men reevaluating their relative position of privilege, and the resulting behaviours which have become normalised over many generations. By answering the question of whether sexual harassment in the workplace will ever end with just “No, it probably won’t” is just not good enough. What should we do about it then? Just admit that it’s probably never going to change and just say fuck it? Jordo seems to think that student protesters in the 60s (who let’s remember were marching against Vietnam and segregation in the US among other things), were purely out there to make themselves feel good. I suppose there should never have been a civil rights act either then.



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Aranyo Aarjan

North London Bengali, writing about politics, culture, football and climate